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by Vocal Mastery creator Leigh McRae

How Do You Get To Carnegie Hall?

I heard this play on words when I was a kid in 6th grade. Truth is I didn't even...

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We're pleased to announce the Vocal Mastery Warm Ups app is now available on Android!

What Others Say About Vocal Mastery

I feel that Leigh McRae is truly able to give an artist the freedom to be able to soar in the upper register of their voice. I have had considerable and successful results when an artist is reaching 70% of their capabilities and then comes back from Leigh, ready to give 100% performance to a song. Leigh, in my opinion, is the only singing teacher in Australia for artists who want to go all the way.

Andrew Klippel (Producer/Songwriter) A.K. Soul; Human Nature; Euphoria; Managing Director Engine Room Records

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